We specialize in Video Production, Single or Multi-Camera.  If you have a Event coming up that you would like to archive on your website or showcase on social media give us a call 650 348-8001.  We work with a variety of clients from individuals with modest budgets to fortune 500 companies.  You may just need a relatively short video stream in real time of your next training or seminar or a short marketing video with digital placement options, On-Camera Productions is here to facilitate and accommodate you.  

Live Meetings, Panels & Forums  


This is your basic single-camera case study of a company called Elation Health in Palo Alto. 

We used a multi-channel audio mixer to set up a 4-mic forum and place a 600 watt single speaker amplification so guests could hear what was being video recorded and archived. In addition to enhance the dark room area we place a 1K tota lightbar kit to bring out more color in the panel.

Home Improvement Companies 


Whether you are a Contractor or a Top Home Improvement Product supplier from Windows to Plumbing to Kitchen and Baths, a short and cost effective YouTube video will get you FREE advertising.  You don't need much but a sit down interview and some b-roll to show that you are the best in your home improvement category.  

Home Show Garage


This clip shows a project that involved a single-camera hooked up to a master audio feed of the infamous "Booker T. Jones" when he performed live at the San Francisco Jazz Club for the non-profit "Caminar" benefiting people with mental illness. 

Corporate Public Relations 


Often time, companies use us to communicate to their audience nationwide.  In this case we shot a AAA corporate PR event in San Francisco with a single-camera  - part of of a multi-day shoot for their upcoming goal setting session.

Home Show Heating 


Whatever length a video, it has to hold your attention.  We do this with a number of different variable and styles to demonstrate your services and products most effectively.  Let us know if you have any ideas and we will share some of our own.  Together we will make a great video for your Home Improvement Business.